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Mitt namn är Sebastian Nilsson. På den här domänen skriver jag då och då om vad jag sysslar med och de projekt som är igång.

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ODE solver in Python using custom Forward-Euler

For realtime simulation it is important to have an ODE solver that is simple enough. I did not find any plug-and-play kind of ODE solvers for realtime applications so I wrote one myself. The greatest benefit of this approach is that

Trying some game development in Python

I wanted to learn some basic game development in OpenGL and Python. Pyglet is very good for this kind of thing. Unfortunately it seems to have a less active community compared to Pygame (but in my opinion Pyglet seems much more

Calculate Personal Financial worth with Python

I wanted to know how much my financial assets are worth across one or more bank accounts, so I created a small python script for it. I just type all my assets into a list like this: assets = {

Responsive one-page WordPress site

I have not been doing wordpress sites for a while but today I changed that. Nalisha Chouraria needed a simple personal webpage and I got it done in a day by using some shortcuts (mainly Twitter bootstrap css).  

HIL testing in Arduino

I am trying out Hardware-in-the loop simulation on a new Arduino project for a client. Test driven development is unfortunately not very big in the Arduino community (yet) so I decided to implement something by myself. The setup is simple: One Arduino is running the