Trying some cross platform stuff in C#

I was interested in the idea of writing cross platform C# app. What I found is that putting the common functionality is a shared project, and then every GUI platform in its own project. In my example I used WPF for windows GUI and GTK# for linux. Works kinda nice.



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  1. Hosting says:

    Once an organization has stated their goals to develop and deliver cross platform, it is simply unprofessional to monkey up the system by ignoring these rules. Either the offending programmer is patently incompetent or criminally lazy, and either way it is way more than just grounds for termination , I claim it is a moral obligation to fire that programmer.

  2. Virtual Private Server says:

    If the original programmer does not care about cross platform and makes the arbitrary decision to write values into the registry, then a year later the port must re-implement and test that code from scratch as XML files on the other platforms that do not have a registry.

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