• Programming (C, Matlab, Simulink and, above all, Python and PHP).
  • Databases (and most experience in MySQL).
  • Circuit board (PCB) design and electronics in general
  • Mechanical CAD
  • Prototype design
  • Wireless communication
  • Sensors, signal processing, filtering and data collection
  • Automated testing, automated building of software and continues integration (CI) mainly with Jenkins

Contact information

Sebastian Nilsson

Address: Karl Gustavsgatan 45, 41131 Gothenburg
Email: Sebastian at treplex.se


M.sc.. in System, control and mechatronics, Chalmers University of technology, Gothenburg
Bachelor in Automation and Mechatronics, Chalmers University of technology, Gothenburg
ABB Industrial upper secondary school, Västerås, 3300 points with 19,3 in avarage.

Formula Student

My most valuable project experience during Chalmers was as a Project Engineer at Chalmers Formula Student where I was responsible primarly for the design and manufacture of the electrical system of the new car that Chalmers is competing with in Formula Student. The following year, I joined a management course to be one of the leaders that helped the new team to achieve the same success as we did.

Work experience

2015 to now: An employee at CPAC Systems AB, Gothenburg as software developers. Works mainly with marine control electronics (Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control and Yamaha Helm Master).

2014: Thesis project at CPAC Systems AB, Gothenburg.

2011-2012: I'm a third of the people with an idea for better web analytics who started and ran Miseto AB. Experiences that I got as an entrepreneur includes how to run a startup, priority conflicts and the importance of early positive cash flow. As an employee, I was responsible for database- and web development and learned a lot about how to build database-driven services.

2007 to now: Private enterprise with Treplex. Started with design, but with time moved myself closer to assignments in programming and database development.


Swedish: Mother tongue.

English: Fluent in speaking and writing. IELTS Band score 8/9.

Programming languages

  • Low level programming (C, some C , Arduino, assembly)
  • Object-Oriented (Java, C#)
  • Script (Python, PHP, Matlab)
  • Modellbaserad programmering i Simulink
  • Web (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript)


  • I am comfortable in OSX, Windows, Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Matlab, Simulink
  • Catia, SolidWorks
  • Eagle PCB, Altium Designer, Kicad
  • I can work with the important Adobe products for image- and photo editing.
  • Git, SVN, and version control in general.

Github profile