Programming, studies and a little bit of everything else.

My name is Sebastian Nilsson. On this domain I will write about the projects I am involved with or interested in..

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Back to basics with October CMS

My brother needed a new simple one-page website for his CV. I usually do my websites in WordPress, but today I wanted to try something new. The content management systems (CMS) I evaluated were: Craftcms contentful Octobercms.com Pagekit Bolt Sitecake

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Appium MQTT backdoor

Appium is generally considered a blackbox testing tool, that is it has no access to the app's methods. Appium acts on the elements accessible by an user. But what if that is not enough? For example if you want to

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Our game Bananpiren has launched!

After years of inactive development I have decided to release the game I made together with my brother; Bananpiren. It is a game where you control a banana boat in Gothenburg. Your task is to transport as many banana crates

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Enable dark mode on your website with CSS

Dark mode is getting more and more popular. It is easier on the eyes and especially when working late. Both Windows and MacOS support setting the color scheme to a darker tint, but the websites we visit stay the same.

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Black bean stew with rice

Ingredients: Olive oil garlic chopped onion green paprika sweet paprika spice powder salt cumin powder oregano 2 cans of black beans black pepper boiled rice coriander leaves (if available) chopped chilli/jalepeno Instructions: Chop garlic, onion, paprika heat oil add garlic

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