Chalmers Courses 2013

  • Mechatronic design
  • Embedded control systems
  • Nonlinear and adaptive control
  • Simulation of production systems

Chalmers Formula Student 2013

Applied to and got accepted to the subgroup Vehicle Electronics to build Chalmers contribution to Formula Student in England and Germany. I designed the electronic architecture in the car, designed and manufactured circuit boards, programmed and wired electronics.

Realtidsplotter in Arduino

I programmed a sort of oscilloscope to troubleshoot sensors. The idea is to send real time sensor data to a computer and thus more easily set parameters to control loops. The code is open sourced and has spread in microprocessor forums.

Formula Student Germany

Perhaps the world's best engineering competition for students. 6e plats i design, 5e i endurance, 4e i AutoX, 3(a) for Business plan = > 4e total.