Volvo CE has introduced the software I've been working on in North America

I'm proud to share that Volvo CE has introduced the software I've been working on in North America. Connected Map as a whole provides Volvo customers with real-time insights into vehicle utilization, location and material movement. It revolutionizes fleet management, improves productivity, and enhances project performance.

Volvo CE introduces the tool I've been working on: Connected Load Out

At Conexpo Volvo CE and Swecon introduced the tool I've been working on: Volvo CE Connected Load Out.

It has 3 main components:

  • The Copilot screen which is integrated in the loader (usually a wheel loader or an excavator)
  • A mobile app that the truck driver uses
  • Site office for overview, administration and planning

From Conexpo (The mobile app on the left which is where most of my contribution is):

In short, it's all about moving material more efficient at querries. When you connect the loader, the truck driver and site office you know where the vehicles are and get better control on how to move material more efficiently. Great stuff really, and it will only get better.

How it works:

Connected Load Out connects and shares information digitally between loaders, site offices and trucks in one quarry. Load orders can be sent directly from incoming trucks via the Connected Load Out app to the loader's Volvo Co-Pilot. The loader driver can see an estimated arrival time and which material is to be loaded, which facilitates the planning of the work and reduces stress and the risk of errors. When the truck arrives at the workplace, the truck driver receives a notification in Volvo Co-Pilot and can summon the truck for loading and dispatch. A load receipt is created and sent to both the truck and the site office, so that the entire flow is visible in the Connected Load Out Office Portal.




Connectivity and Volvo Construction Equipment

I am doing software development for Volvo Construction Equipment and their Efficient Load Out product suite. Efficient Load Out is a digital solution which connects machine operators, truck drivers and site managers in real-time to maximize the profitability and sustainability of mass excavation projects. I have been working exclusively in native Swift programming handling low-level network communication between vehicles, and high-level GUI programming.

Running a company making payment solutions: Paylando!

Our business concept is simple: we sell solutions for unmanned and cashless payments. Contactless means payments with Swish, payment card or access card. Unmanned can be anything between vending machines, rides, barriers, doors or an idea we haven't heard of before.

I'm mainly responsible for the payment system backend and making sure everything runs smoothly. Technologies include a tech-stack of C#, .net, Azure functions for the payment processing. Typescript and React is used for the frontend and customer facing aspects.

Our game Bananpiren has launched!

After years of inactive development I have decided to release the game I made together with my brother; Bananpiren. It is a game where you control a banana boat in Gothenburg. Your task is to transport as many banana crates as possible. Give it a try!

The game was my first game project in Unity3D. Great fun creating a game, but even a very simple game like this took more time than I would like to admit to finish. Let's see if I ever make a second one. Maybe if this one becomes a great success.

Over-the-air updates via Bluetooth LE (4.0) on Volvo Penta EasyConnect

I implemented over-the-air updates (OAD) of Volvo Pentas Bluetooth interface. This allows the user to update the Volvo Penta hardware from their mobile phone app. Quite cool.

Software Engineer at Volvo Penta Oceania

Moved to Gold Coast, Autralia to work with Volvo Penta. Daily work is troubleshooting and developing control systems in marine applications.

Cross platform mobile app for Volvo Penta Easy Connect interface

Volvo Penta has commited to implement better connectivity functionality. Part of this was the release of Easy Connect. An app which lets boat users connect to their vessel via Bluetooth. I developed the proof-of-concept and then continued as one of the developers in getting this product to market. I was responsible for the initial requirement specification, choice of development platform and the continuous implementation of new features and bugfixes. We decided to develop the app in Xamarin to get cross platform (iOS and Android) with a shared code base. Looking back it was the right decision.

Website: education.strawbees.com

Previously I worked with programming a new website for strawbees.com, and the second project was to create a similar website to a new target group; educators. To separate the education site from the retail site we divided them on two subdomains. Layout is mostly the same but color schemes and some minor functionalities differ.

Check out education.strawbees.com

Website: Strawbees.com

Together with the briliant mind of studiooddball we created a refreshed website for Strawbees; a Swedish toy company. She did the design and I did all the programming. Some features:

  • Online store
  • Driven by WordPress, PHP and MySQL
  • Custom javascript to showcase their play guides
  • Responsive design

Check out their website