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Selfbalancing Lego robot

As a part of the Embedded Control Systems course we( Brian Bonafelia, Nicklas Gustafsson, Per Nyman och jag) got a task of programming a self balancing robot in Lego Mindstorms (NXT). The benefit of using Lego from a control theoretical point of view is that it has quite bad mechanics, and there demonstrates the strengths of control theory; to compensate bad mechanics with sophisticated software. Focus in the course if mainly not on Lego building but more on creating the mathematical model and programming control theory algorithms corresponding to said model. Now the result with a short video:

Video with more talk and more details:

Downlosad the report "Self-balancing two-wheeled robot"


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2 Comments »Selfbalancing Lego robot
  1. Arjan says:

    He Sebastian,

    Your Robot and report look very good! I really like the way you described the involved maths in the paper!

    I'am working on a Balancing Robot myself, and would to use your Matlab model. Is there a possibility to get it?

    Thanks in advance,


    • sebnil says:

      Sorry I could not find it. But you should be able to create it from the report. Most of the simulink subsystems have figures.

      Good luck!

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