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Eventghost Web Gui

[Updated. See https://sebastiannilsson.com/open-source/eventghost-web-gui for new version]

This a Web gui for Eventghost built in jQuery Mobile. It uses an ajax function to call Eventghost events to avoid sending multiple requests on page refresh. You will need the web server plugin to get this working.

Building your own gui is quite easy even if you do not know that much html. Just copy the example and modify it. Events are set by the title attribute. An ajax function handles sending events so you don't have to. Style your gui with the jQuery api. I have only tested this on Android but since it is built with jQuery Mobile I think it will work excellent on Iphone and Ipad aswell. 

Most of the text in the example is in Swedish since it is the configuration I use myself. The example is just to demonstrate how to build a gui and you have to modify it to suit your Eventghost configuration.

Visit project on Bitbucket to download code

Some images:


On my HTC Desire (Android):


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