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New better version

[Update 2012-02-13]

I have updated the code to run better on Eventghost web server. 

New screen shot:



Some screens [old]:


Video (in Swedish):



  1. Put the files on your Eventghost web server. Make sure that you run the latest Eventghost since the earlier versions of the web server does not work very good. 
  2. /js/config.js is for configuring jquery mobile. You can probably keep it as it is.
  3. /index.html is the start page. The rest of the pages are in /docs/controls. 
  4. Visit the web server in your browser. If new actions appear when you click on buttons in the gui then it works. 

For more detailed instructions (in swedish) visit https://sebastiannilsson.com/open-source/eventghost-web-gui/101-instruktioner-foer-hemmaserver-tellstick-nexa-och-ir-saendare

Latest source code can be grabbed from Bitbucket . Or just click here to get the zip.

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