Back to basics with October CMS

My brother needed a new simple one-page website for his CV. I usually do my websites in WordPress, but today I wanted to try something new. The content management systems (CMS) I evaluated were:

  • Craftcms
  • contentful
  • Octobercms.com
  • Pagekit
  • Bolt
  • Sitecake
  • Getkirby
  • Bludit

I found a winner: OctoberCMS! It truly is great for developing websites. Not as complicated as most CMS have gotten. Just a simple structure with real files to describe the content of the website. The website is divided into layouts, pages, partials and content. The layout is like the theme. The layout includes partials. When you want a new page (a new url) you add a page. (I skipped using the content type for now since I was making a one-page website). The editor is just simple HTML, (but you can add a proper wysiwyg editor if you want). For more complicated stuff (ecommerce and so on) you can add plugins.

You can check out the website at https://jonathannilsson.com/

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Responsive one-page WordPress site

I have not been doing wordpress sites for a while but today I changed that. Nalisha Chouraria needed a simple personal webpage and I got it done in a day by using some shortcuts (mainly Twitter bootstrap css).

Skärmavbild 2015-09-06 kl. 18.50.15


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CakePHP Database Logger

I needed to replace the default file log in CakePHP with one based on mysql instead. I shared the project on Bitbucket if someone else would like to do something similar.


Why is this better than file log?

  1. Easier to search
  2. Handles large amount of logging much better
  3. Has better performance (at least in some cases)
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