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Found a use for Raspberry Pi!

At bus stops, there is often a monitor that shows the time to the next bus. My thought was that this would be useful even at home to know when you need to get out. Here is the result:

The monitor is on a closet in the office, clearly visible from the hall. Now you can turn an eye on bus times when to dress up. Too often, I ran down to a bus and still missed the. Perhaps change this on the matter.

Technical Details

  • Raspberry Pi (small linux computer)
  • Powered via micro USB.
  • HDMI cable with DVI adapter to an old LCD monitor.
  • Standard network cabel.
  • Usb keyboard.

I programmed a website to show bus times. The one on the official company site ( is too cluttered. After I published the site on my server I only had to open the browser in Raspberry Pi and enter the url. Each 5:seconds the page will update itself, which should be more than enough. Everything is on Try for example to search from(från) "brunnsparken" to(till) "chalmers".

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4 Comments »Found a use for Raspberry Pi!
  1. forum flood says:

    That's nice ! 😀
    I'll try to see if it's feasable in my country !
    Good idea.

  2. +1 the idea!

    Went to the site via phpportalen to ev. ge feedback, see that we have the same style to a large extent (serif & red).

  3. Tomas says:

    Nice. What do you use for power? It is recommended not to feed from another PC via the micro-usb and I can not find any good adapters.

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